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Best Estate Auctions in Orlando

Like the mythical Sisyphus endlessly trying to roll that boulder up a hill, the prospect of holding an estate auction or sale in Orlando to sell items on your own may seem like quite an overwhelming challenge.

That’s why you should always seek consultation with estate auction experts such as Rapid Estate Liquidators and Auction Gallery if you’re faced with the daunting task of selling estate items. This will ensure that your items are auctioned off quickly and efficiently with as little stress as possible.

Reap the Benefits of Full-Service Estate Auction Services in Orlando

By hiring a professional estate auction company such as Rapid Estate to handle your estate auction in Orlando, you can reap the following benefits:

Best Chance of Attracting Buyers: A professional estate auction will conduct the proper marketing necessary to generate interest in the displayed items.

Professional Display of Items: Estate auction experts know the science behind displaying items to give the best possible perspective to potential buyers.

A Stress-Free Sale: By leaving all the details of your estate auction to the professionals, you can sit back and relax with the assurance that everything will go off without a hitch.

Credibility: An established estate auction company like Rapid Estate provides instant credibility and will generate the largest number of buyers willing to purchase your items.

Rolex Watch
Our estate auction services will help you get the most value for your estate items.
Chest of Egyptian Artifacts
We offer several full-service auction options, including daily online auctions.

Explore Your Estate Auction Options with Rapid Estate!

At Rapid Estate Liquidators and Auction Gallery, our estate sales company Orlando offers the convenience of full-service auction options in one place, including:

  • Auctions of Individual Estate Items
  • On-site or Gallery Auctions
  • Real Estate Auctions

You can expect the highest level of professionalism and integrity when choosing our estate liquidators Orlando to handle your estate auction. We’ll not only take care of all the estate auction details, but also get you the most value for your estate items.

At Rapid Estate, our full house liquidators host both live auctions and daily online auctions that ensure maximum visibility to reach the broadest audience of potential bidders possible. We have a long-term record of success over the past decade during which we’ve been entrusted with more than $5 million in assets and belongings.

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Get the Most Value from Your Estate Auction in Orlando

Discover how Rapid Estate can ease the estate auction process for you by taking care of ALL the details, so you can enjoy peace of mind, save time and get the most value from your estate – stress free!  Schedule a personal consultation with Rapid Estate today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not do regular in-house shipping as part of our Orlando estate auction services. That’s because we are not staffed for shipping and do not have shipping supplies. We have found it less expensive for you to use professional shippers who are trained to get your items to you safely.

We use two preferred shippers to pick up and ship items for us every week:

If you would prefer to use a different shipper, just send us a release email letting us know who will be shipping your item and when they will be picking it up.

We host our estate auctions every day at These daily auctions ensure that you get maximum visibility to reach the broadest audience of potential bidders possible.

Absolutely! However, you must first schedule an appointment with our gallery to pick up your estate auction items, so we can have them pulled and ready for you when you arrive.

Yes, a friend or relative can pick up your items from our estate auction company. However, you must send us a release via email letting us know that you have designated a friend or relative to pick up your items. This person must also schedule an appointment with our gallery for item pickups.