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August 22, 2020 12PM
2325 Princeton Court Orlando, FL 32804
2 bed 1 bath | 998 SqFt


998 Sq Ft

2 Bedroom

1 bathrooms

1 Car Garage / 1 Car Carport

This property will be sold AS-IS.  This property is in the heart of College Park, making it ideal for a re-build or complete renovation project.  The property will be sold at public auction on August 22, 2020 at 12pm, if the property does not sell prior to the date of auction. Offers and pre-bids will be accepted prior to the auction date.  Broker’s and Realtors are invited to represent one client (as long as not immediate family) at the auction.  Investors and individuals may participate in the auction.

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Mary Dees
Auctioneer/Realtor #AB3678, #SL3451043, #AU4886

Warren Trowbridge
Real Estate Broker
Lic# BK3301965 / AU4620